Sr. Director

Valerie Powell
Phone: 800-235-3087
Phone: 580-326-7521
Fax: 580-326-0010

Mutual Help Management Services

List of Contacts

For Members Currently Making Payments on a Mutual Help Home or If Interested in a Repossessed Mutual Help Home.  

580-326-7521 / Toll Free 800-235-3087

 Application for Repossessed Unit or Annual Recertifications and Payment Inquiries


Operations and Management of  Mutual Help Units/Property:

Requests for  Repairs, Inquiries about On-going Work, Vendors


District Contact Name Extension
1, 2, 7 Heather Prince 6305
8,9 Heather Robertson 6306
3,4,5,6 Megan Chance 6304
10,11,12 Karen Donaldson 6328


Director: Josh Raper
Office Number: 580-326-7521 / 800-235-3087
Fax Number: 580-325-7641

 MHMS Application